Smart Diamond Investors Choose Diamond Option

Smart investors choose Diamond Option because we offer expert sourcing, rapid capital growth and multiple resale opportunities

Easy, Simple & Smart

Complete Solution: Investment to Resale

Diamond Option is the simple, easy and smart solution for people looking to take advantage of the rapid price growth in rare coloured diamonds. We help you invest and then sell your investments when the time is right

Team of Diamond Investment Experts

We help guide our investors to make smart investments. Our team provide education and advice to ensure you select diamonds that will rapidly grow in value. We recommend the very same investments many of our team personally make


The popularity and price of fancy coloured diamonds have been on the rise globally, driven by Asian investors

“Wealthy buyers view rare, coloured diamonds as a hedge against economic uncertainty

High net worth individuals are ploughing millions into rare coloured diamonds as a stable, safe haven asset

Diamond Investment Experts

Our team of diamond investment experts helps you source rare coloured diamonds that are suitable for investment and will grow in value in the future

Wholesale Diamond Sourcing

We help you make your investments in rare coloured diamonds at genuine wholesale prices. This is very important because you need to be able to resell in the future at a significant profit

Multiple Resale Opportunities

We give our clients multiple resale opportunities both at wholesale and retail levels. Diamond Option is a division of a leading rare coloured diamond jeweller in Australia

Flexible Hard Asset

In an emergency, you can simply slip your rare coloured diamonds in your pocket and transport large amounts of wealth as needed. No other asset offers this level of discretion


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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