Diamond Option Helps You Cash in Your Investment

Diamond Option clients enjoy multiple resale opportunities and help cashing in when the time is right

Multiple Resale Opportunities

Diamond Option gives you the opportunity to cash in your diamond investments at the right time. We have a consistent flow of retail coloured diamond jewellery clients who purchase for showcase jewels and wholesale clients purchasing diamonds for investment purposes

Diamond Option is a division of Forktip Jewellers – a leading fancy coloured diamond jeweller in Australia. We give you multiple resale avenues for your diamonds

Genuine Wholesale Prices

Diamond Option offers investment grade diamonds at genuine wholesale prices. This is critical when making an investment in rare coloured diamonds because you need the option to resell into a wholesale or retail market in the future


Wholesale Investment Grade Diamonds With Multiple Resale Avenues

Being able to cash-in investments at the right time is an important part of any investment. Diamond Option offers you the chance to purchase investment grade diamonds at wholesale prices and resell them via our sales channels when you want to turn your diamonds back into cash

Diamond Option Makes Selling Your Diamonds Easy

When you purchase diamonds from Diamond Option, you get multiple easy resale opportunities. Diamond option is part of Forktip Jewellers – a leading coloured diamond jewellery designer in Australia

We have both a retail coloured diamond jewellery client base and an investment grade coloured diamond wholesale client base. Giving you both retail and wholesale resale options


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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