Rare Coloured Diamonds Present Unique Investment Opportunities With 15-20% Price Growth Each Year

Rare diamonds give you all the benefits of owning real hard assets combined with amazing price growth and return on investment

15-20% Price Growth Each Year

Rare diamond prices are rapidly growing

Investment grade diamond prices are rapidly growing. Current price growth is 15-20% per year. Representing an amazing return on investment and unique opportunity

Demand from Asia is Strong

The newly minted millionaires and billionaires in Asia have shown a strong demand for rare coloured diamonds. After all, everyone likes bling and with naturally limited supply from mines this will continue to push prices upwards


Portable Hard Asset With Rapid Price Growth

Rare coloured diamonds are the most concentrated form of wealth known. They not only offer rapid price growth and profits, they also give investors like you the ability to transport wealth globally as you want

Investment Grade Experts

The Diamond Option team are experts at sourcing investment grade diamonds that will grow in value due to naturally limited supply from mines

Real Wholesale Prices

Diamond Option gives you real wholesale prices on rare investment grade coloured diamonds selected for price growth, limited natural supply and excellent value

Multiple Resale Avenues Available

Diamond Option is a division of Forktip Jewellers – a leading fancy coloured diamond jeweller in Australia. We have both retail showcase jewellery clients and wholesale diamond investment clients for future resale of your diamonds

Portable Store of Wealth

Diamonds can be stored in your pockets and moved safely around as you need. No other hard asset offers this level of discretion or concentrated store of wealth


Rapid Price Growth Each Year With Limited Natural Supply

Rare coloured diamonds currently present a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Argyle Mine in Australia – the source for 90% of pink diamonds in the world – will be permanentely closing in 2020. The mine closure will limited new pink diamond supply to virtually zero

Diamond Investment Experts

Our investment grade diamond experts will help you select diamonds that are suitable for investment purposes and will rapidly grow in value

Wholesale Diamond Source

Diamond Option gives you profit from day one with plenty of room for sale profits. We offer rare coloured diamonds at genuine wholesale prices

We Help You Resell

Diamond Option gives clients multiple resale channels in both wholesale and retail markets. Our resale channels are open exclusively to clients only


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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