Complete Solution To Take Advantage of The Rapid Price Growth in Rare Diamonds

See how Diamond Option clients enjoy simple and easy rare coloured diamond investment from start to finish

1. Investment Grade Diamond Sourcing By Diamond Option Experts

Our diamond investment experts will help you source investment grade diamonds that will grow in value over time at genuine wholesale prices. Our experts will understand your investment timeframe and objectives. Then show you the same investment strategies we are using and having success with personally

2. Buy & Store Your Diamond Investments Securely

Diamond Option will deliver your diamonds safely and securely. Where and how you wish to store your diamonds is completely up to you. We have a number of suggestions about secure storage depending on your personal goals and objectives

3. Resell Your Diamonds To Capture The Rapid Capital Growth

When the time is right, Diamond Option will help you cash in your diamond investments to capture the capital value growth. We have a consistent flow of retail coloured diamond jewellery clients who purchase for showcase jewels and wholesale clients purchasing diamonds for investment purposes


Wholesale Rare Diamonds With Multiple Resale Opportunities

Diamond Option clients benefit from a complete solution for rare coloured diamond investments in Australia. We help you source the right diamonds then capture the capital growth at the right time via resale to our other investors or retail jewellery clients

Easy Rare Coloured Diamond Investment From Start to Finish

Diamond Option clients enjoy an easy and simple way to participate in the rapid price growth of rare coloured diamonds

We help our clients from sourcing investment grade diamonds all the way through to cashing in the diamonds to capture the capital growth


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

Take Advantage of the Rapid Growth in Rare Diamond Prices

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