Rare Coloured Diamond Prices Are Growing At 15-20% Each Year

Diamond Option gives you the complete solution to profit from the rapid price growth of rare coloured diamonds

15-20% Capital Growth Each Year

Rapid growth in Diamond prices

Rare coloured diamonds prices are rapidly increasing lead by strong demand from Asia. Prices are increasing at 15-20% each year. Investment grade diamonds currently present the opportunity for rapid profits

Strong demand from Wealthy in Asia

The wealthy new millionaires and billionaires in Asia have developed a taste for rare coloured diamonds and are paying ever increasing amounts for these timeless status symbols that have limited natural supply


Fast Price Growth With Security of Rare Hard Asset

Rare coloured diamond investments offer both the security of a hard asset combined together with rapid price growth driven by strong demand from Asia and limited natural supply from mines

Rare Diamond Experts

The Diamond Option team are experts at sourcing investment grade diamonds that have limited natural supply and rapid price growth

Wholesale Diamond Prices

We give you genuine wholesale prices on investment grade diamonds so there is plenty of room for capital growth and you will be in profit from day one

Mutliple Resale Options

Diamond Option clients enjoy multiple easy resale options when they wish to cash in their diamonds and capture the value growth. Our resale service is available exclusively to clients only

Unique Hard Asset

Rare coloured diamonds offer unique advantages over other hard assets. Your diamonds can be stored and moved around easily as you wish. Offering a level of discretion and control unmatched by other hard assets


Rapid Price Growth With Limited Natural Supply

In the next few years, the Argyle diamond mine in Australia – the source for 90% of natural pink diamonds – will be permanently closed. No new pink diamonds will be mined there. This will reduce the already limited supply of natural pink diamonds and make these unique hard assets even more rare

Coloured Diamond Experts

Our team of experts have years of experience trading in rare diamonds and will help you select investment grade diamonds that will rapidly grow in value

Wholesale Direct Prices

Purchase your investment grade diamonds at genuine wholesale prices giving you capital growth from day one of ownership

Complete Investment Solution

Diamond Option gives you the complete solution for investing in rare coloured diamonds from sourcing all the way to reselling in the future


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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