Rare Coloured Diamonds: Alternative to Shares

Rare coloured diamonds are an increasingly popular alternative to the share market with 15-20% price growth each year and increasing demand from the wealthy in Asia

15-20% Price Growth Each Year

Rare Diamond Prices Increasing Rapidly

Investment grade coloured diamond prices are growing at 15-20% each year. In today’s low interest rate environment, this is an amazing return for a hard asset

Strong Demand From New Millionaires in Asia

The newly minted millionaires from Asia are buying up the limited natural supply of rare coloured diamonds. Rapidly pushing up the prices paid for quality pink, yellow and blue diamonds


The popularity and price of fancy coloured diamonds have been on the rise globally, driven by Asian investors

“Wealthy buyers view rare, coloured diamonds as a hedge against economic uncertainty

High net worth individuals are ploughing millions into rare coloured diamonds as a stable, safe haven asset

Investment Grade Diamond Experts

Our diamond investment experts will secure you investment grade diamonds that will rapidly increase in value due to rarity

Wholesale Diamond Prices

Diamond Option offers you wholesale prices on rare coloured diamonds direct from the diamond polishers. Ensuring you are buying at the bottom and can sell at the top

Exclusive Resale Avenues

Diamond Option is part of Forktip Jewellers – a leading fancy coloured diamond jeweller in Australia. We have multiple resale avenues available exclusively to Diamond Option clients at both the retail and wholesale level

Hard Asset Investment

Rare coloured diamonds provide an investment asset like no other. They are the most concentrated store of wealth in the world and can be moved safely in your pocket


Diamond Prices Increasing Rapidly

Rare coloured diamond prices are increasing rapidly. With the closure of the Argyle diamond mine in 2020 – the source for 90% of pink diamonds globally – prices will continue on the trend upwards due to extremely limited new supply from mines

Common Questions About Investing in Diamonds

  • How fast are rare coloured diamond prices growing?

    Over the past 10 years, rare coloured diamond prices have increased 15-20% each year. With the security of a hard asset and rapid price growth, this makes investment grade diamonds an attractive option for investors

  • Is the natural supply of coloured diamonds limited?

    Yes – coloured diamonds considered to be investment grade have a very limited natural supply from mines. Our team of diamond investment experts will help you choose diamonds that have a limited supply to maximise your capital growth

  • How secure is an investment in diamonds?

    Diamonds are one of the most secure hard assets for investment purposes in the world. They are a physical asset in high demand. Can be easily transported across borders. History shows wealthy people have always valued diamonds (particularly women). In addition there is a limited natural supply of rare coloured diamonds


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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