Rare Coloured Diamonds: Alternative to Property Investment

Investment grade diamonds are an attractive option for the smart investor with 15-20% capital growth per year and strong demand from Asia

15-20% Price Growth Every Year

Prices Increasing Rapidly Each Year

Rare coloured diamonds prices are growing at 15%-20% per year. Offering you the opportunity to participate in an investment class with amazing returns

Growing Demand From The Wealthy in Asia

The newly minted millionaires and billionaires in Asia have shown a strong demand for rare coloured diamonds. With limited natural supply of investment grade diamonds, this is pushing up values rapidly


The popularity and price of fancy coloured diamonds have been on the rise globally, driven by Asian investors

“Wealthy buyers view rare, coloured diamonds as a hedge against economic uncertainty

High net worth individuals are ploughing millions into rare coloured diamonds as a stable, safe haven asset

Diamond Investment Experts

Diamond Option experts will help you source and secure investment grade diamonds that are in limited natural supply and will rapidly grow in value

Real Wholesale Prices

Diamond Option offers you real wholesale prices. This ensures you are purchasing at the right price with room for massive capital growth in the future

Multiple Resale Channels

Diamond Option is part of Forktip Jewellers – a leading fancy coloured diamond jeweller in Australia. We give you both retail and wholesale resale opportunities when you wish to cash in your diamond investments.

Unique Hard Asset

Coloured diamonds are the most concentrated store of wealth and value available in the world. And they can be stored and moved safely in your pocket. No other asset offers this level of discretion


Rapid Price Growth With Limited Naturally Supply

Rare coloured diamonds currently present unique investment opportunities because the Argyle Mine is the source for almost all pink diamonds globally and will be closing in 2020. The mine closure will decrease new pink diamond supply – driving up pink diamond prices

Common Questions About Investing in Diamonds

  • What is the average return on capital for rare coloured diamonds?

    Rare coloured diamonds have returned on average 15-20% gains in value each year during the past 20 years

  • Are rare coloured diamonds in limited supply?

    Yes – the supply of investment grade rare coloured diamonds is very limited. Our experts will help you to choose diamonds that are extremely rare. Maximising your diamond’s increase in value

  • How safe and secure is an investment in diamonds?

    Diamonds are a hard asset. They are not a financial product that exists on paper. They can be put in your pocket and transported at any time, any where. Diamonds have been highly valued for hundreds of years. Investment grade coloured diamonds are in limited supply from mines. You could perhaps say even safer than houses…


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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