Investment Grade Diamonds That Rapidly Grow in Value

Diamond Option experts will help you select quality investment grade diamonds that rapidly grow in value

Averaging 15-20% Capital Growth Per Year

Rapid growth in prices

High quality investment grade coloured diamonds prices are growing at 15%-20% per year. Investing in these ultra rare diamonds provides the opportunity for rapid capital growth

Strong demand from Asia

Increasing demand from the new millionaires and billionaires in the East are pushing prices up rapidly due to the limited natural supply


Amazing Capital Growth With Safety of Rare Hard Assets

Not only have rare coloured diamonds offered amazing capital growth over the years. These hard assets provide safety and security unmatched by any other asset class

Expert Diamond Sourcing

The experts at Diamond Option offer you diamonds which are suitable for investment purposes based on years of knowledge trading coloured diamonds

Genuine Wholesale Prices

Diamond option offers you genuine wholesale prices on rare investment grade coloured diamonds. There are very few genuine wholesale options available for coloured diamonds

We Help You Resell

We give you an easy resale opportunity when you wish to cash in your diamond investments. Diamond Option is a division of Forktip Jewellers – a leading fancy coloured diamond jeweller in Australia

Discreet Rare Hard Asset

Coloured diamonds are the most concentrated store of wealth and value available in the world. And they can be stored and moved safely in your pocket. No other asset offers this level of discretion


Fast Value Growth With Rapidly Decreasing Supply

Investing in rare coloured diamonds presents a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Argyle Mine in Australia is the source for 90% of pink diamonds in the world and the mine will be closing in 2020. The mine closure will decrease new pink diamond supply to virtually zero

Expert Sourcing

Our rare diamond experts help you choose suitable investment grade diamonds that will grow in value due to limited supply

Genuine Wholesale Prices

Diamond Option gives you plenty of room for capital growth and resale profits in future with genuine wholesale prices on diamonds

We Help You Resell

Diamond Option is part of a leading fancy coloured diamond jeweller in Sydney. We have multiple resale avenues available to clients


15-20% Annual Capital Growth

Strong Demand From Asia

Rare Asset in Limited Supply

Discreetly fits in your pocket

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